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Being a parent can be an odd experience.

By the very nature of trying to manage a small crew of non-expendables into a squished van or through a crowded parking lot or through a sit down meal….well, in order to do that, a certain amount of coersion is sometimes necessary.

And we end up making a huge deal out of things that in reality are not really a big deal but in order to get the kids to sit down through an entire meal or not kill each other on the van ride to church,  we actually make them a big deal.

(of course the scene depicted below is a very big deal but if you grew up in the 80’s you will remember this commercial and I couldn’t resist putting a picture in)

In other words, we bring up to a moral level rules that in and of themselves are not moral rules…they are rules for managing a house, managing a family.

Parents are more mature than children, there are things that children do that we would never do and yet….

And yet, there are things that we as adults do or could do, that children never do.

Its this strange fact of parenthood that children mess up the “managing the house” rules everyday and yet we, the parents, are the ones who mess up the more serious moral rules.

And so the imperfect parents among us have had the experience of lecturing a child on why oh why can’t he just learn to pick up this thing-a-ma-jigger off of that  diddly-do when in our heart, it feels like we are the ones who deserve the lecture.

For we are the ones more likely to have hate in our heart, to lust after others, to treat a coworker with malice, to gossip, to fail to help the least of our brothers, to worship the gods of power and success more than the Lord God and on and on….

Sometimes, I feel like God the Father uses parenthood as the ultimate prophetic vehicle.  It seems that as the words come out of our mouths to our children…it sometimes seems as if God is really using those words to speak to us, the Parents.

The solution to this awkward experience isn’t to stop telling Brendan not to yell at the kitchen table or to stop telling Jude that two peanut butter sandwiches is quite enough or to stop telling Rachel not to growl at strangers….the solution is to hear the words coming out of our mouths as words that God has meant for us.

Because, as mature as we adults are….we are still children.

God is waiting to lead us.

To a place far better than the kitchen table or a crowded park.


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